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It seems that cross-industry partnerships and co-branding in the watch world are something that more and more big names are starting to do. Only a few days ago, I was given the task of reporting replica watches on the partnership between TAG Heuer and Aston Martin with the launch of a new supercar that - surprise, surprise - comes with a free clock (assuming you can pay almost 300k for the privilege). While that was a hyper-modern match, today, we have something with an old-school feel that comes to us on two wheels with Breitling Premier B01 Norton Edition.

Or at least, this is the shortest and most manageable name with which we will refer to this watch. You have to admit that you would get tired of calling it "Breitling Premier B01 Chronograph 42 Norton Edition" for the entire article (even if this is its official name). In terms of what the watch offers, I'll show you David's excellent practical review of the standard Premier B01 chronograph we did in October. Although I'm not particularly attracted replica watches uk to chronographs, I think what Breitling has done here is very nice.

By this I mean that the Breitling Premier B01 Norton Edition has ripped off all driving-oriented material (the slide rule, etc.) which tends to make a dial too complicated and difficult to read. With this watch, as David points out, there is a solid vintage touch. This results in a much cleaner dial, and the inverted panda's appearance here is sharp. Breitling also managed to tighten the date window on the dial with an abbreviated index. This breaks where we have the numbers in easy dials, and continues the well-balanced look on the dial.

Speaking of looks — while the dial of the Breitling Premier B01 Norton Edition does not claim any Norton partnership, you can look at this and see the Norton black and gold shining through. When I got into motorcycles, my dad was right there with me, reliving his time on two wheels. He has a soft spot for the Norton marque, and I guess that rubbed off a bit. While I was pretty happy with my v-twin bike, I was seriously tempted by the old-school looks of the bikes that came out in the early 2000s, giving us the scramblers and cafe racers in production form. And wouldn’t you know it, along with the co-branded watch, there is, indeed, a bike.

To perfectly match your Breitling Premier B01 Norton Edition, the chef has prepared for you one of the limited edition Breitling 77 examples of the Norton Commando motorcycle 961 Café Racer MKII motorcycle. While the lines of the bike certainly evoke the feeling of bombarding some twists, the fact that Norton fake rolex inserted a 961cc engine (an interior design) in the frame means that the bike can support what the steel says, provided the cyclist is up to the challenge. The bicycle carries some different points of the Breitling brand on it with a vintage Breitling "B" shown on the clutch box and on the saddle, as well as some tachymeters and speedometers designed in brethylene. Surprisingly, no clock mounted there. I imagine this is the watch.

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